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Discord Commands - Flow

Covers all of the features of the Discord bot's flow command from basic to complex.

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Quant Data prides itself in showing the full picture of the options market while also allowing users to filter out the noise as desired.

The !flow command is our most popular command to do just that. Here's how it works:

Getting Flow For a Ticker

It's pretty easy to get flow on a certain ticker. For example, if you wanted to get the latest flow for TSLA, one simply needs to do !flow TSLA and flow for TSLA will be presented.

It's worth noting that the data shown by this command is only current-day data. So if you're using the command pre-market hours, there will be no data present for TSLA (or any ticker for that matter). Additionally, the flow shown is delayed by 15 minutes per exchange requirements.

Filtering Flow

What good is flow if you can't find interesting plays? The !flow command comes packed with numerous filters to help find flow that is unusual and/or of high interest:


You can add a premium filter onto the flow command to filter by a minimum premium amount. The premium value can be in the following formats: 100k, 100K, 100000, 100,000, $100k, $100K, $100000, $100,000, 1M, $1M.

Accepted parameter names: p, prem, premium

Example: !flow TSLA prem:$100K

Trade Type

Trade types are useful to pay attention to, especially Sweeps. You can filter by blocks, splits, or sweeps. The accepted trade type values are block, split, and sweep.

Accepted parameter names: t, trade

Example: !flow TSLA t:sweep

Contract Type

Contract types can be useful to filter for if you're only interested in calls or puts. The accepted contract type values are call and put.

Accepted parameter names: c, contract

Example: !flow TSLA c:call

Unusual Trades

Unusual trades can indicate urgency and are extremely useful to look for. You can filter by unusual trades by simply denoting -u or -unusual as a command parameter (this is known as a command flag).

Example 1: !flow TSLA -u

Example 2: !flow TSLA -unusual

Note that both examples above are equivalent.

Golden Sweeps

You can filter by golden sweep trades by simply denoting -g, -gold, or -golden as a command flag.

Example: !flow TSLA -g

Example 2: !flow TSLA -gold

Example 3: !flow TSLA -golden

Note that all three examples above are equivalent.

Opening Positions

You can filter by opening positions by simply denoting -o, -opening as a command flag.

Example: !flow TSLA -o

Example 2: !flow TSLA -opening

Note that both examples above are equivalent.

Money Type

If you're looking for out of the money, at the money, or in the money trades, this is the filter for you. Accepted money type values are out_the_money, at_the_money and in_the_money.

Accepted parameter names: m, moneyness

Example 1: !flow TSLA m:out_the_money

Example 2: !flow TSLA m:at_the_money

Example 3: !flow TSLA m:in_the_money


If you're looking for trades with a minimum size, you can set a size filter.

Accepted parameter names: s, size

Example: !flow TSLA s:200

Expiration Date

If you're only looking for trades that expire on a certain date, you can set an expiry filter to grab trades that expire on such a date. The format for dates is yyyy-mm-dd.

Accepted parameter names: e, expiry, expires, expiration

Example: !flow TSLA e:2020-12-4

To review the various examples of the !flow command, use !help flow.


If the command name 'flow' conflicts with any other bots within your Discord server, you can use the alternative names 'orders' or 'fl' as other names. For example, !orders TSLA or !fl TSLA.

Do you need further assistance?

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Quant Data team at, or via our live chat located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. We are available on the live chat between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday.

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